Low Water Pressure in Bathtub
Posted by Vicki on May 03, 1999 at 21:56:35:
My water pressure is so low in the
bathtub that it takes 20 minutes
to fill the tub. A couple of
plumbers have told me that it's
just the way the water is piped
in or something. However, the
pressure is fine when I use
the shower, and the bathroom
and kitchen faucets have good
pressure, too. Would replacing
the shower set-up help? I
have a shower head, two
hot and cold handles for
the tub, and a plunger-type
faucet to switch from tub to
shower. I'm sure there is
plumbing terminology for this
combination, but I have no
idea what that is. I wouldn't
want to replace my fixtures
if it wouldn't make any
difference in the tub pressure,
as it would require pulling
out all my tiles to replace
them with the newer style shower
combinations. Thanks

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