Re: Replacing the single control knob on bathtub faucet
Posted by Erland on May 07, 1998 at 20:05:02:
In response to Re: Replacing the single control knob on bathtub faucet
: I am trying to change the Delta faucet body on my bathtub and am having trouble taking the faucet body off. Trouble removing the old sauder from the copper pipe nut fittings. Have tried heating with propane torch. No luck. Any suggestions on how to remove faucet body would be appreciated. Thanks.

You may have tried this already but let me suggest it anyway. When you are trying to remove this faucet did you shut off the water main to the house and drain the lines down? Open faucets below the level that the tub is on and then open the shower valve to vent the air out. If not, the water remaining in the lines will make it impossible to unsweat {Unsolder} the joints. If you have done that, it could just be the type of solder in there. Some of the 95/5 solder takes a bit of heat to get out and can be stubborn to come apart.

Hope it helps. Erland the plumber.

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