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Posted by Terry Love on May 02, 1999 at 16:09:50:
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: We have a 6x9 foot bathroom with 9 foot high ceilings. We have a terrible time with moisture in the bathroom after using the shower. The current bathroom fan is a ceiling fan with a 70 CFM motor and a horizontal duct venting out through the exterior wall.

: My questions are:
: 1) What size fan should we be using?
: 2) Does location of the ceiling fan make any difference? For example should it be right over the shower, or is it okay to be in the middle of the bathroom?
: 3) Any other suggestions for moisture build up from shower use in the bathroom?

70 CFM should be enough, however you may want to check into Broan's 100 CFM fan. for the fan to pull air out, it will need make-up air. Sometimes the heating vent is closed, or the gap under the door is too small. To pump air out of the room, you need the ability to suck replacement air into the room. Another thing to check would be the amount of steam generated. Replacing the shower head with a low flow model can help. I prefer fans located just outside the shower, however some fans are rated for over the shower use and with 9 foot ceilings it works fine. Pay close attention to sound ratings. A loud fan will not be used by all members of the family. Pay more money up front and buy quality for this. A good location for a fan/light combo if the toilet is near the shower, would be about 30" from the back wall and centered on the toilet. This makes for better reading at night.

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