Re: Leaking shower faucets
Posted by Dale's plumbing service on April 29, 1999 at 22:30:06:
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: : : I have got leaking shower faucets, I can replace the washers, but I can't get to the seats. I have two seat tools but they will not reach the seats (because of the L shape). What can I use without tearing out the tile to get at it?

: : Don, you will have to purchace a new seat tool. there are many out there as there are many style faucets on the market.Dale

: Dale, I have purchased a new tool, or at least one I was told would work. These faucets are at least 30 yrs. old. It will not reach the seats, they work on my sinks, but not on the shower ones.
: I hope you can help. Thanks, Don
Don, can you tell me if the hole is square or will it take an allen wrench? i have had to buy long allen wrenchs and also the l shaped tool you got comes as a straight tool for deep seats.Dale

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