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Posted by John Merrill on April 29, 1999 at 18:37:49:
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: : I recently broke up my basement concrete floor to move the toilet and tub drains. The builder had reinforced wires and a layer of poly about 4" down. Is there anything special I need to do when I pour new concrete? Is Sackrete/quickrete okay for the floor? In addition, I did not move the original p-trap for the tub drain. Will this cause any problems? The tub will be about 4' from the original location of the drain. I will have a rise of about 1" per foot of run.

: : Thank you in advance!

: : John Merrill
: John, you need to cap off the old tub waste. just cut out the p trap and cap. you need to vent the new tub waste. you have to much grade on the pipe 1" per 4' is all that is required. the closet bend will be pretty crooked comeing up for the stool flange unless you put a swing joint on it.are you still within 8 feet of the original 2" vent for the stool?Dale

My stool flange is now 12" from the wall and 15" from the 2" vent. I used a double 3" 1/16 bends to off-set the toilet. For the tub..... my intensions are to keep the p-trap where it is and extend the 1 1/2" pipe to the tub drain.



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