Refinish or replace bath tub??
Posted by Pat on April 29, 1999 at 07:33:23:
We are about to begin remodeling our bathroom (on a budget!). Our house is about 75 years old with the original pedestal sink and built-in cast iron tub, which had become pitted, rusted and discolored in spots. About three years ago we had both fixtures refinished. (Mistake? Both are beginning to peel.) The sink will be replaced with a new cabinet base and counter top. First question: Is there a market for the old pedestal sink, even though it has been refinished?. How much is it worth?
Second question: Do we replace or again refinish the tub? Refinishing is expensive (about $350) and I don't want to risk peeling and having to refinish again. Our contractor is afraid replacement would be difficult and cause more expensive problems in the long run because he suspects that the tile surrounding and enclosing it is set in concrete and much of it could be destroyed in the removal process, leading to the necessity of replacing all the wall tile.
How expensive are tub liners? And do you think this is a good option? If you think this is the way to go, could you provide the names of reputable dealers in the Baltimore, Maryland area?
Sorry this is so lengthy, but I need this advice before we can begin. Thank you.

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