Re: Low water flow through Moen kitchen faucet
Posted by Terry Love on April 28, 1999 at 21:25:17:
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: : I live in town and have city water with good pressure through out the house. However, the water flow through the Moen kitchen faucet is so low that it almost useless. The kitchen dishwasher is tied to the same undersink source and experiences no problems. A licensed home inspector told us that an inline water filter needed to be replaced. However, I got under the sink and determined that the inline filter is just sitting under the sink and is not installed. The kitchen faucet is feed both hot and cold water directly by risers from the shut off valves to the faucet. I turned the shutoffs completely off and then back on with no improvement in flow. I attempted to disassemble the faucet to see if there might be an internal setting and was unsucessful. How can I increase the flow (and the pressure of the flow) through the Moen kitchen faucet?

: stephen, shut off the water and take the screw out holding the handle pick up the spout and then set it aside, there is a clip that needs to be taken out, i use an icepick or all(spelled wrong) then from there you may need a moen stem exstractor to pull the stem out.get one at your local hardware. flush the lines out with the stem out and replace the stem. don't worry as to how it goes back in. after the spout is back on try the water and if the hot is on the cold side take off the handle and turn the stem 180degrees. hope this helps.dale

I hope that you have removed the aerator from the end of the spout and checked for flow there first. Also, the pull-out Moen faucets sometimes have an inline check and filter screen that can become clogged. Terry

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