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Posted by Barry on April 26, 1999 at 12:27:55:
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Go to a dealer and ask for a copy of the installation instructions for one of their units and take it home and study it. You'll likely find that the over the range units will fit the standard 30" cabinet and also provide the required clearance to the range top. Things to consider are power source (dedicated circuit, with an outlet box in the cabinet above), venting (outside ot inside), and attaching method. Though they're simple in concept to install, it's a bit awkward in reality.

: The main thing you have to determine is whether there is sufficient space between the MW and the stove. You will have to check, but I believe you need 18" beneath the microwave. Many companies have brackets for that purpose.

: : Because I need more counter space, I want to mount my microwave above my stove, beneath the cabinet. Is there anything special I need to know or do? Can I just build a shelf? Are there brackets made especially for this? Is this easier than I think?

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