Re: Sewage Ejector Pump Odors?
Posted by Terry Love on April 25, 1999 at 13:56:14:
In response to Re: Sewage Ejector Pump Odors?

: I'm in the process of purchasing a new downslope home in Oakland, CA.
: Because of the home's location, it has a large (75 gallon) sewage ejector
: pump/grinder located outside at the base of the house (in the backyard area of the house).
: My question is whether the pump will generate significant odors (through its vent) and if so,
: what can be done about the odors?

Hopefully, the vent for the sewage ejector is above roofline. All homes have venting through the roof, those pipes sticking through the roof. In most cases, that is enough to disperse the sewer smell. In some cases, the winds will bring the smell down into the yard, most noticable on homes with septic tanks. The link below has septic tank links that may have more information on smells. Terry

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