Re: PF/2 Pressure-Assist Toilets
Posted by Terry Love on April 24, 1999 at 13:03:47:
In response to Re: PF/2 Pressure-Assist Toilets

: I called Eljer. They said that there has been no update to improve
: the bowl design of the aqua-saver. The last change was in 1997 to
: incorporate the PF/2 in their tank. So, don't buy this toilet!
: I will be returning mine... Also, my reference to Terry's
: site for buying the Eljer - it was actually just the PF/2
: that I saw, I just went and found a toilet that had the PF/2.
: Wrong choice. I think Terry would still endorse the PF/2?

Thanks for posting on the board the new information from Eljer. I have wondered why they haven't contacted me yet about the new bowl design. Before I had the Eljer for testing, I had heard from other plumbers that the toilet didn't work. I had hoped, that theirs was an isolated problem and that the one I had would work.

Western has promised me a look at their PF/2 toilet, but to this day, I haven't seen it. Hmmm.
By the way, the Western gravity model works just fine. Good bowl wash.

The new Flushmate toilets are now in the PF/2 sound range. They have replaced the stainless steel tanks with resin. A bit better sound damping and no rust outs. Powerful flush, with some bowl wash. Better now with sound control and less startling.

The Toto Drake, Ultramax Power gravity models, 3" flapper and extended overflow height have less initial noise and end with a dull sucking sound. Powerful flush that sacrifices bowl wash, Consumer friendly.Who needs a plunger?

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