Re: PF/2 Pressure-Assist Toilets
Posted by Geoff Bright on April 23, 1999 at 16:12:11:
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: : : After reading through lots of complaints about the 1.6 gpf toilets, we've decided to go with pressure-assisted toilets in our new home. I've seen quite a bit of info on the net regarding the Flushmate toilets. (The consensus seems to be that they work well, but are noisy.) So far, I haven't seen anything on the PF/2 toilets. From the sales glossies, the PF/2 is supposed to be at least as good as the Flushmate, smaller, and quieter. What do folks think about this newer technology?

: : I bought 3 PF/2s (Eljer Aqua-saver) for a
: : new house that I am building, in large part because
: : of articles posted by Terry. They havn't been
: : installed yet, so I don't know about performance.
: : Terry does not list them anymore, anywhere on his
: : site. Very curious. There is a LOT of Flushmate
: : info. Looks like someone is getting a kickback. Geoff

: I had a PF/2 for testing installed in my home. It took two flushes to get the job done. It has never been listed on the toilet report as one of the ones that work. Eljer has promised a redesign of the bowl as it had proven to work poorly. I have yet to see the redesign of the new bowl nor have I heard that it has become available. I would have gladly sent you the one that went to the dump. Please let me know how you like the Aqua-Savers and whether they are the redesigned ones.

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: Regards,
: Terry Love

I called Eljer. They said that there has been no update to improve
the bowl design of the aqua-saver. The last change was in 1997 to
incorporate the PF/2 in their tank. So, don't buy this toilet!
I will be returning mine... Also, my reference to Terry's
site for buying the Eljer - it was actually just the PF/2
that I saw, I just went and found a toilet that had the PF/2.
Wrong choice. I think Terry would still endorse the PF/2?


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