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Posted by Dale's plumbing service on April 22, 1999 at 20:23:41:
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: Terry.
: I enjoy your web site. Visited often when we were chosing faucets for our new house, now I have a question. We recently installed our bathroom vanities, unfortunatyl, a few of the drawers back up to the drain lines in the wall. we have 1 1/2 PVC for the drain line, and about 3" in which to make a 90. our plumber says we need to shorten th>

Transfer interrupted!

90 elbows are 3 1/2 inches!

: Do they make a short radius 90? I know the 90 on a sink P-trap has a smaller radius, and might work, but before we sugest using the P trap, we'd like to see if there is a short radius 90.

: Any info would be helpfull

: Thanks

Rod, if this plumber had a detail on the cabinets this wouldn't have happened. is it to late to pull the cabinet, cut the rock,and move the waste and water?i have seen the drawer cut shorter for this problem.try useing an inside cutter and cut the pvc back in the wall just deep enough for the 90 to be glued on to.also they have a tool that you can cut the pipe out of the san tee or 90 and then glue in a street 90.good luck in your new home. Dale
: Rod

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