pipes behind drawers?
Posted by Rod on April 22, 1999 at 11:59:41:
I enjoy your web site. Visited often when we were chosing faucets for our new house, now I have a question. We recently installed our bathroom vanities, unfortunatyl, a few of the drawers back up to the drain lines in the wall. we have 1 1/2 PVC for the drain line, and about 3" in which to make a 90. our plumber says we need to shorten the drawers (yeah
Right) becasue the 90 elbows are 3 1/2 inches!

Do they make a short radius 90? I know the 90 on a sink P-trap has a smaller radius, and might work, but before we sugest using the P trap, we'd like to see if there is a short radius 90.

Any info would be helpfull


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