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Posted by Dale's plumbing service on April 19, 1999 at 19:19:44:
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: I live on an acreage with a private well.My problem is low water pressure. My pressure tank is new and my well pump is less than 10 years old. How do i increase the pressure? thank you

Kyle, shut off the pump,(electric). if the pressure guage is not working you need to install one. turn on the water and wait until it stops. there is a schrader valve on the tank,check the air pressure with a tire guage. get a compressure and put in 40lbs of air in the tank. then turn on the pump. when it shuts off open a faucet and see what the pressure is when it comes back on.adjust the pressure switch to have the pump come on at 38Lbs. it should shut off at 58-60. if you are not sure of all this i recomend getting a well expert to do this for may have plugged pipes decreasing your pressure maybe??.Dale

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