Re: Odor coming from bathtub drain
Posted by Dale's plumbing service on April 19, 1999 at 19:11:04:
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: There is an odor coming from the bathtub drain. I have a conventional
: bathtub, upstairs of a tri-level home. The tub drains, but somewhat
: slowly, slight puddling. I have tried drano both crystal and liquid, and
: have also called plumbers (twice). They keep indicating no stoppage.
: Question: Can I remove the portion of the drain that is seen from the tub
: to see if their is hair, etc., that is causing the odor?

bennie, take the 2 screws out of the overflo plate and pull out the lift rod and stopper. fill tub and drain. if it is better than you may need an adjustment on the lift rod. if the drain is slow see if you can get a product called THRIFT. it's the best i'v seen in a long time.FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. THE HOTTER THE WATER THE BETTER. DALE

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