Shower Valve installation... HELP
Posted by Adam Moyer on April 19, 1999 at 12:02:45:
Just taught myself how to sweat pipe this weekend while I was installing my shower. After I had everything hooked up (with a cap on the shower arm) I turned the water on to test for leaks. To my amazement, all my sweated connections held but two (hot & cold) of the four threaded connections into the shower valve were leaking. I did use pipe thread sealing compound designed for water & steam pipes. I've done this twice now, the first time I'm pretty sure I got the shower valve connection too hot and bubbled the thread compound out. The second time I threaded the shower valve body onto the hot side after it had plenty of time to cool and for the cold side I built enough of the pipe so that I could solder the last connection about a foot away from the valve. I'm gonna try teflon pipe tape tonite. I there some "trick" to this that I'm missing. Its strange that the connections to the tub and shower did NOT leak with either attempt using the same compound.

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