Odd Size Cast Iron
Posted by Tony on April 15, 1999 at 08:49:04:
I have a sewage "Y" pipe that is halfway cemented in the wall of my basement and is about 5ft up from the floor that leads to my septic tank.
One part of the "Y" services the the drain needs of my house and the other is a cleanout plug. I have added a sewage ejection system and wanted to remove the cleanout plug and add a PVC
"Y" to add my new 3" drain line. After removing the plug I tried to install a 4" male adapter but the pipe is not actually 4", it's slightly smaller. The people at the hardware say it's
old plumbing with odd sizes. Not enough of the "Y" extends past the wall for me to cut it and add
a boot. Do they make adapters for this old stuff ? Any ideas ?

Thanks Again !
Thanks for all your help, I'm almost finnished with the project.

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