Dielectric unions
Posted by Rich Zaborski on April 14, 1999 at 20:24:02:
My acidic (PH6.7) well water corrodes my water heater. I get about 6-7 years each. Copper plumbing. I installed dielectric unions. Before I hooked up the gas and the stack, I took a voltmeter and measured 0.4volts DC across the union! I have created a battery!!! When I hooked up the gas line, which of course was grounded, the voltage dropped to zero because, in effect, I shorted the battery. I put a dielectric union on the gas line and insulated the stack. I'm hoping I can get more life out of the water heater. I can't prevent it from being a bettery without expensive water treatment, but I can prevent the battery from being shorted. Shorted batteries corrode fast. Does this make sense?

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