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Posted by GALEN_DUTCH on April 14, 1999 at 11:32:54:
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There is a manufacturer of Japanese style soaking tubs in the U.S. Please contact:
Takagi Industrial Co. USA.
23 Mauchly -Suite 106
Irvine, Calif. -92618
Ph: 949-453-8388 / Fax: 949-453-8498

These deep tubs are an ideal alternative to buying a hot tub or spa. They provide a neck high water level similar to a hot tub. However the deep tubs require no maintenance (such as chemicals, etc).

When they are not in use, the tub functions as a shower receptor. The tubs by Takagi are also very water and energy efficient. They require only about 25 to 30 gallons to completely fill. It is very important to realize that the volume of water required by a tub with the bather seated in it is actually much less than the listed capacity. An adult bather will dispace 15 to 20 gallons when fully submerged.

Also, these deep tubs are definitely more comfortable when they are completely full. If you try out one of them when empty, they will seem cramped or, but when they are full, the bouyancy eliminates the crowded feel.

My home has a deep soaking tub and we find it to be all we wanted in a bath. and you can combine routine body cleansing with a relaxing soak. With the shower over the tub, you can rinse off after a long soak.

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