Re: How do I install Pre-cast Neo-angle shower on slab?
Posted by Terry Love on April 12, 1999 at 13:31:51:
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: Thanks in advance. I have a basement stub out that appears to be set up for a bath. The toilet and sink drains are simple enough, but how do I do the shower. One option appears to be to build up a platform high enough for the drain to be installed. Otherwise would you tear out the slab, and if so, how do you deal with the problem of the fiberglass base flexing. I'm assuming the slab gets repoured. ( Yea , I know, never assume)This one has me stumped, any help will be welcomed. Thanks again, Gary

: Thanks everyone for all the help. Have decided there is only one smart decision....I'm calling in a "real" plumber. To many variables on this one. Thanks again!!

Your question asked for variables. You received variables, answers on the handyman way of doing it and the way a plumber would do it.

Many homeowners "do" build a platform. Plumbers "prefer" doing the job, the way it was meant to be done, by having the pipe work done below slab. An exception to this would be building up the "entire" floor of the bathroom and using something like a Quik Jon pumping system.

Stepping out of a shower from eight inches up can't be good.

And please, any homeowner that puts in a basement tub or shower, "do" use a p-trap on the drain.

This board gets many questions from homeowners that don't like the idea of breaking concrete. A sledgehammer or concrete saw does a fine job. The finished job is professional and more usable in the future. Terry

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