Re: How do I install Pre-cast Neo-angle shower on slab?
Posted by Terry Love on April 11, 1999 at 21:11:21:
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: : Thanks in advance. I have a basement stub out that appears to be set up for a bath. The toilet and sink drains are simple enough, but how do I do the shower. One option appears to be to build up a platform high enough for the drain to be installed. Otherwise would you tear out the slab, and if so, how do you deal with the problem of the fiberglass base flexing. I'm assuming the slab gets repoured. ( Yea , I know, never assume)This one has me stumped, any help will be welcomed. Thanks again, Gary

: Gary, they make a raised shower base that you can run the drain in. if the rough in is set for a bath tub you may not have to do to much chopping of concrete depending how the shower faces. go to a plumbing wholesaler and ask to see a picture and rough-in of a raised shower.i,m not sure if they have it in neo-angle.Dale

I prefer to break concrete to move drain piping. The link below has pictures and instructions that can be clicked on. Have fun with it. Terry

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