Re: galvanized pipes: water softner vs. magnets
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on April 10, 1999 at 17:12:51:
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: We bought a 19 year-old home with galvanized pipes. We had a leak not to long ago. The person who fixed the leak recommended that we buy a water softner to help with further leaks.
: Another person recommended we use magnets.
: What do you suggest? Is replacing the pipe better?

tracy, the water softner is going to do nothing to help with the damaged rusty old galvanized pipe you already have. i suggest that you take the money you were going to spend on the softner and replace the water pipes. i don't know what plumbing code you are required to use if any but the pex water pipe system is an excelant way to go useing a manoblock. as far as magnets go i just purchaced them 3 weeks ago and i'm still in the experimental stage of them. you can do your home just useing 2 magnets at $100.00 each useing the magnetizer. how hard is your water?go to and check it out. i have 2 movies on it.water softners polute the drinking water with the brine waste need to add salt all the time and a magnet will last 150 years.they must be installed properly!!!!to work.i'm still checking mine to see if they water is not that hard and it's hard to tell the difference.if you have real hard water 20 + i think you will see the need to put a fullway ball valve on your water heater and flush out every 3 weeks fo 3 months to get all the calcium out of the heater. well good luck on whatever choice you make.

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