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Posted by hj on April 08, 1999 at 01:11:55:
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You will not get steam until you get to 100 deg. C., and it will take a large input to get to that level when you have a dynamic water flow. The volume of stored water is only a factor until you reach temperature. After that you have to have sufficient input to convert the water coming in to the proper temperature. 4500 watts will heat about 18 gallons per hour at a 90 degree rise in temperature.

: I want to be able spray HOT (95 + deg c) water or steam.
: I built a small tank, about 3 quart, pumped 1000watts of heat into it.
: Water feed was limited by a small spray nozel for output.
: The steady state temp output was a dismal 60 deg c.
: Any ideas how much more power I need???

: Is there a better way to make lots of low pressure steam???

: Thanks

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