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Posted by Terry Love on April 07, 1999 at 21:27:38:
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: We are building and the drywall goes up next week. The heating contractor placed an ac/heat vent under the corner whirlpool tub. This seems to be fairly typical in this area as an aid to keep the tub water warm. Since we are not familar with this practice, and we probably won't use the whirlpool very often, I am curious as to whether anyone has any experience with this practice. All comments, suggestions, recommendations would be appreciated.

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Most of the time that a heating vent is placed under a jetted tub, it is more to do with the floor joist arrangement than it is for heating. Getting 7" round heating ducts to a bathroom can be a trick sometimes. Yes, there is a heating benefit to be sure for the tub. Many times in a bathroom, heating will come up under the vanity cabinets with a grill placed below in the "kicker" area, or near the outside wall under a window. Putting the heat vent under the corner tub, is most likely the closest to the windows. If you look around the home, you will note that the heat registers have been placed, for the most part in front of windows. The arrangement sounds fine to me.

If you plan to spend time in the tub, the heating elements are a nice feature.

Grohe makes nice deck tub faucets that have 3/4" valve bodies. They are good for about 25 gallons per minute.

Consider the 75 gallon gas water heater also. They only cost $181.00 per year to run on average, yet will give 135 first hour gallons of heated water.

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