Re: Heat Vent under Whirlpool Tub?
Posted by Keith L. on April 07, 1999 at 14:44:11:
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When I installed my whirlpool tub I built a raised deck with one step up. I ran my heat/ac vent out the front of the vertical surface on the deck. Since it was a first floor bath I just brought flex duct up through the subfloor in one of the exposed corners and just used a galvanized 6" 90 degree(6" round on one end and a 4"X10" rectangle on the other) elbow to turn it out. I kept the vent about 10" off the floor. This had nothing to do with keeping the tub warm. Insulating the tub deck will help but the heating duct will do nothing for that. If you're concerned about keeping the water hot you could install an inline heater, personnaly, I don't think they are necessary. My tub has a built in timer feature that shuts the tub down after 15 or 20 minutes and believe me that's long enough. After 15 minutes you will be about cooked, flushed and rubber legged, but quite relaxed. Remember NO cold air returns in bathrooms. Good Luck

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