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Posted by Terry Love on April 06, 1999 at 23:40:29:
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: I am planning a large, 2 story (4800 sq ft AC) house and am concerned about getting hot water to the 5 bathrooms in a reasonalbe time. A friend suggested plumbing 2 50 gal water heater "in-line" and adding a water circluating pump. Would this work with the coper pipes burred in the concrete slab foundation? How would you size the pump? Is there any maintance to this type of system? Jack Smith

Many people use either two 50's or one 75 gallon.
Two 50's will give 150 or more gallons in the first hour. The 75 will give 135 gallons in the first hour. The cost of running the one 75 is less. Adding a recirc line is a good idea. A small pump will do for the recirc. Terry

: Also, is there any test information on the new toilets that are using the FP/2 system?
: Are they really much quieter than toilets with the the flushmaster system?
Jack Smith

I have not seen a good PF/2 toilet yet. I'm still waiting. Terry
: THANKS for any help.

: Jack Smith

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