Re: state brand hot water tanks
Posted by hj on April 06, 1999 at 10:16:25:
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Unless you have one that leaks, the Duron tanks are a better product. There is no metal for the water to attack, and no anode rod to create smelly water. You just have to replace the elements with the stainless steel nut version, otherwise the standard element nuts will begin rusting and give you brown water.

: i have a state water heater, the one with the duron plastic liner in hte tank. i guess they're no good, huh? i don't see how they can sell them (they are NOT cheap)if they're a bad product. i didn't know i had one until i went to check the anode like everyone keeps suggesting, and there's no anode (thanks mike for explaining that). what do i do now, scrap the thing??? anyone else had problems with these duron tanks leaking a lot?

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