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Posted by Terry Love on April 05, 1999 at 22:11:35:
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: I'm remodeling a tiny 4ft sq bathroom & would like to use the Eljer Triangle (corner) toilet but I'm worried that if it turns out to be a poor flusher there will be nothing to replace it with (as no one else seems to make a corner toilet) & the drain hole will be in the wrong place to install a regular toilet. Is the Eljer a good flusher or is there any other corner toilet available? Thanks for making this great Web site available!

The Eljer corner toilet is a pretty good flusher.

I would be more concerned with the four feet by four feet size of the room. You may want to draw the fixtures on the ground to get an idea of space. Nothing you are doing here is code, but it will work.

I have found 48 inches to be usable for a standard toilet. This is not "code" but it works. I would suggest a standard toilet at the far wall, 15" from the wall to center which would leave room for a 18" lav. If you opt for the corner toilet, make sure that the lav does not infringe on head room while sitting. Terry

Model Number: 091-2575
Description: Two-Piece 1.6 GPF (6 Liter)
Exclusive Corner Tank Design. Elongated-Rim, 12" Rough-In, Less Seat with Tank. 16-3/4" High Bowl.

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