Re: Is this considered vented? Thanks Dale
Posted by Curt on April 05, 1999 at 09:56:03:
In response to Re: Is this considered vented? Thanks Dale
: : Searching for a way to vent a desired basement utility sink, I had hoped to wye into the vent line of the first floor bathroom sink.
: : Now I question if my first floor bathroom sink is vented properly. It simply has a p-trap into a 4-inch waste stack that handles a second floor
: : toilet and basin. It works because the 4-inch stack probably never gets filled enoughto create a vacuum
: : and pull from the basin trap, but I question it. Is this, or was this ever, according to code?

: curt, i work with the upc code. from what i know and from the way you describe it we cannot install the lav off of the 4" stack. it must be vented. at the time of your installation it may have been code or possibly there was no code to follow in your area at the time. Dale.

Thanks for your answer, and to the other pros who take time to respond. I suspected it wasn't code. But if it ain't broke, I guess I won't try to fix it.

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