Water Heater Check Valve Noise
Posted by Arnaldo Lorenzo on April 01, 1999 at 11:34:38:
I have a new home (< 6 months old) and the water heater check valve, which is upstream on the cold water supply line side of the expansion tank, makes noises very similar to water hammer every time a faucett is turned off. It makes no difference weather it is a cold water faucett or a hot water faucett - the check valve makes noise. The only way to elliminate this noise is if you turn off the water heater supply side ball valve, which prevents the hot water from working. Is there any way to prevent the check valve from making noise. The plumber that did the work on our home says that the check valve noise is normal.
In light of your discussions about expansion tanks and check valves, I do not believe that he is correct. Can you please explain what can be done, if anything. Thank you.

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