Re: galvanized pipe in concrete
Posted by hj on March 31, 1999 at 23:34:08:
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As long as the tops are sealed so no water can enter the pipe, then either way is acceptable. You have to check the pipe diameters. Some of the home centers use electical thin wall size piping and the fittings do not fit plumbing size pipes.

: This isn,t exactly plumbing, but it's close. I'm going
: to put-up a chain link fence. Is it better to set the
: galvanized posts completely in concrete or have the
: bottom few inches be in gravel? Also, I'm wondering if
: plumbing-grade galvanized pipe might not be sturdier
: than the rather thin-walled galvanized posts available
: at local DIY centers.

: Thanks, Mike

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