Re: Refrigerator is not as cold as it should be...
Posted by Buffalo Bill Johnston on April 27, 1998 at 03:17:16:
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: My refrigerator is not keeping stuff cold anymore, but the freezer seems to be fine. I vacuumed all the dust
: out of the vent in the back and the compressor/radiator looking thing underneath, but it seems to not have
: helped. I got curios and emptied the freezer (top) and unscrewed the back wall. There was a fan and a
: bunch of silver coils (the silver coils stay cold and generate the coldness I guess). These silver coils were
: caked with ice. Is this normal? Do I need to melt away that ice or is it supposed to be there?
: If it's not that, what else could it be that can be keeping the refrig part from working?

by now, you probably have defrosted your "frost-free" refrigerator, and it's working fine.
but the ice accumulation may return and cause the problem once again.

in a refrigerator which has a self-defrosting feature,
no ice is supposed to accumulate on the coils, unless it is melted off on a defrost cycle by heater coils.
it sounds like your defrost timer clock motor died.
some defrost timers are accessible from the lower rear of the back of the refrigerator.
if you can advance the motor with your screwdriver thru its access hole to a cycle which defrosts your icing, then the defrost heaters are ok, so just replace the defrost timer.

not sure? the defrost timer advances like a clock. mark the inner dial and make an opposite mark on the housing. come back in a half hour and see if it moved. if it moved, the timer motor is probably ok.

so get your digital multimeter out and follow the schematic which is hopefully on the back of the refrigerator.

or, check the year of manufacture. old=costs too much to run it compared to the new energy efficient refrigerators.
so cough up the 500 bucks and get a new fridge already. the payments on it will be made by the electrical savings over its 5 to 10 year life, so the new fridge is free to you if the old fridge is inefficient.

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