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Posted by Lou on March 31, 1999 at 13:54:41:
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Residential use a PVC Wye with two short pieces of pipe glued into the wye and two no hub clamps. Try to keep your wye at least five feet back of the base of the stack. The vent can be tied into the main stack, but at least six inches above the flood level rim (top of basin) of the highest fixture using the stack as a drain, DO NOT TIE IT IN THE BASEMENT. The trick here, if you have a single story house, is to find a wall above the basement bathroom, with little or no wiring in it, no plugs or switches on it. Then carefully measure and mark the wall out on the underside of the floor, drill a two inch hole into the bottom center of the wall. Then go into your attic, find the top of the same wall and carefully measure it out, and drill a two inch hole in the center of the top plate of the wall, you should then be able to see into the basement through this hole, if your measurements are accurate. Then simply slide a piece of 1 1/2" pvc up through the stud space in the wall and into the attic where hopefully
there is enough room to cut a tee into your existing vent.......Lou

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