Re: replacing sewer lines with pvc
Posted by John Fadden on March 30, 1999 at 01:32:20:
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: You cannot, nor would you want to do it. You have to cut the pipe about 2'3 inches from the bell and use a Fernco, no-hub, or similar transition coupling to connect the PVC.

: : I am moving the toilet across the room and need to change the sewer line. The house is about 60 years old, so has the old cast(?) pipes with lead around the joints. How can I separate the joint and connect PVC pipe to the cast bell?

Connecting PVC to a cast iron hub is usually acomplished by drilling a series of holes, close together in the lead, that seals the joint to remove the old pipe. This weakens the joint so that when you cut of the old iron pipe, you can generaly rock it slightly to loosen the seal, then pull it out by rotating it. The lead and okem is then pried out, taking care not to crack the hub. A Ty-Seal is then inserted into the hub, the PVC pipe fits into that. As the joint is a press fit, I generally bevel the end of the PVC and use some lube

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