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Posted by Dale's plumbing service on March 29, 1999 at 18:29:25:
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: My home was built in 1959 and main water supply from meter to house is galvanized pipe. Piping transitions to copper once it enters the crawl space. Would like to replace the main supply piping to the house due to age and decrease in water pressure. What type of piping should I use;copper, poly, or galvanized? Can copper be used underground? If I use copper underground, should I use one continuous run or can I use sweated joints? If I use sweated joints, do fittings have to be the same schedule as pipe itself? What schedule piping would you recommend. Plan to leave existing supply in ground so I will need to make a new petetration through foundation wall. Does piping need to be sleeved when it passes through the foundation wall? If I use poly pipe, can I use plastic connectors (screwed) to transition to the water meter and the copper pipe in the house?

dale's plumbing service
depending on your code i would use 1" k copper in your home.use 1 continous run if possible. if you need to add on use muler compression fittings or silver solder the joints.copper can be run underground do not use sweat fittings under ground, silver solder only,use k copper,you do not need to sleve the copper coming through the wall.forget the poly please.good luck, Dale

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