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Posted by Michael on March 29, 1999 at 08:09:55:
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RESPONSE: Watch out for all of the bad info out there. First off, you can qualify for some reimbursement without any leaks. And even with the class action that requires leaks, you can qualify with a single leak. The only way to get the info is to contact the class action people directly. Don't believe a word anyone tells you unless it is from the source. And that info changes as well.

One thing for sure. Poly is bad. But the poly fix is not so bad. It is on average a 3-5K fix and takes 3-5 days when done by a professional team. Dont' hire a plumber and then go hire a drywall guy and then a painter. Hire a team that does poly and only poly.

Try a visit to . .

: My brother is considering buying a house. The problem is that he is worried about the polybutylene pipes installed. He sent me to find out if certain lot numbers of the pipes are less likely to disintegrate. Are there? Did they change the production of the pipe, or just decide to stop making it? Is it a set probability that if it is polybutelene then it will have problems?

: Thanks.

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