Re: underground copper pipe
Posted by hj on March 28, 1999 at 22:10:50:
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Solder joints are not allowed under a concrete slab inside a building. Underground or outside there is no problem with them. L is adequate. PVC should not be installed inside a building.

: I need to run a 1 inch cold water line from the crawl space
: under my house to supply a group of lawn sprinkler valve
: that are a few feet from the house. There is already a trench
: under the foundation. I'd like to use copper, but have
: been told that soldered joints should not be buried,
: and therefore, coiled copper tubing should be used.
: Is this correct? Should I use type L or K? I've been
: advised not to use plastic supply pipe under the house.
: Can coiled copper tubing be soldered, or are flare or
: compression fittings required?

: Thanks, Mike

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