Gas Water Heater lights for while then burns out!
Posted by Johnny on March 27, 1999 at 22:47:29:
My 3 year old gas water heater was working well til today.
For some reason the pilot went out, so I proceeded to light
it up again, and sure enough it lights and stays lit. Then
I set the temp, and the heater starts working well for a couple
of minutes. After that it starts to lose flame, making a
whooshing noise, to finally burn out. So then I turn the
pilot on again, it lights and stays lit, set the temperature,
it starts working, and AGAIN, after a while it burns out. I
notice that if I bang the heater a bit it continues to burn.
Conclusion: Keep on banging it'll keep on burnin', I've
tried to convince my wife to do the banging while I take a
shower, but well she's just not up to it, and our dog Rover, has
not been taught that trick yet.

Any volunteers,


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