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Posted by Paul on March 27, 1999 at 00:29:48:
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: If you can reach it, a couple of cans of spray foam will reinforce it.

: : i was wondering if there is anything i can do about giving the bottom of my tub some more support. we are first timers and did not realize that the piece of foam on the bottom was for support. now it is installed but the flex is horrible. need help please
: : thanks for your responses.

The directions that came with the tub that I am about to install said to use a bag of mortar mix and spread that around under the tub before you set it into place. If you can get under it at all at this point, maybe you could force some of it in there to support that sag in your tub.

My question is: How do you install drywall (greenboard) around the fiberglass tub? It has flanges that you screw to the studs. Do you put the drywall right over those flanges and screws? It seems that this would be a little uneven and would crack the drywall. Or are you supposed to use shims to bring the studs out even with the flanges? Would appreciate any help on this.

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