Use Single 'Y' Flue Pipe for Venting Gas Boiler&H20 Heater
Posted by Ken Abrahamsen on March 26, 1999 at 23:56:28:
I will be remodeling my basement and am considering replacing the old (30-40 yrs) natural gas fired boiler for our hot water heat. To consolidate items for floor space, I'm making a single 'utility room' with a washer, dryer, 50 gal. natural gas water heater and natural gas fired boiler. However, this room has a chimney with only 1 flue in the chimney. Can both the gas water heater and boiler both be vented through this single flue by using a single 'Y' vent pipe connected to the single chimney flue? If so, what what minimum size vent pipe (4"? 5"? 6?" More?) should be used to ensure there's sufficient up draft so no exhaust gases are blown back down into the room?
ken abrahamsen