Re: fiberglass tub replacement
Posted by hj on March 25, 1999 at 09:07:40:
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If the existing tub is fibreglass, use a sabre saw to cut it out. And be sure the doorway is large enough to get the new one into the room, and that the room is large enough to rotate the tub into position. A reference book would not be a lot of help, since every job is different in its specifics. i.e., position of the tub, access to plumbing after it is in place, etc..

: I'm ready to just jump in and do it, i.e.-bust out the
: old tub with a hammer and install the new one. I'm thinking
: there must be some good reference books with detail info,
: but all I've seen are VERY general. Any recommended books?
: I have lots of time (i.e. two bathrooms)

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