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Posted by hj on March 25, 1999 at 09:01:44:
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You have more things to consider. A melting system radiates its heat in all directions. In a concrete drive the pipes are near the surface in order to get the temperature to the top of the concrete quickly. In your case, the tubing will be below the driveway, therefore, the tubing will have to rest on some sort of insulation to force the heat through the driveway, and not just heat up the ground under it. You have to move the water though the heater at the necessary flow rate to keep the burner operating, and for a driveway, the design rate should be exceeded to keep the water at a fairly cool temperature. You should use PEX tubing which is designed for that application

: What is the best and cheapest way to heat a brick and sand driveway 39'x16'? I am replacing my old asphalt one this summer. I was thinking of using an instant hot water heater, submersible pump, timer, and cpvc or pvc 1/4" or 1/2" pipe recirculating an antifreeze mix in a 5 gallon bucket. Would this work?

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