Lack of Hot Water
Posted by Duleep on March 24, 1999 at 19:13:53:
We have a 3yr old home w/a 3yr old RheemGlas Fury model 21VR50-2NT Serial# RN 1295111269 water heater that also has a hot water recirculating pump. We're the second owners and moved in about 4 months ago. We are experiencing a reduction in the temparature of the hot water within about 10 minutes of begging a shower. Usually, my wife is the first person to take a shower and has adequate hot water, but needs to keep turning up the level of hot water for the shower to remain hot. I must wait at least 20 minutes before I begin my shower and I have take a quick shower and must also keep turning up the level of hot water until it is completely turn up. The water heater does not make any noises, there are no odors, we live in Southern California, its located inside the garage and appears to be in great condition. There appears to be debris on and around the main burner element. If the recirculating pump is turned off, there is even less hot water. We are not able to fill a tub. What are your suggestions?

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