Re: faucet getting clogged continually
Posted by Buddy on March 23, 1999 at 15:57:38:
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: : My American Standard Ceramix kitchen faucet continually gets clogged up with tiny white particles of various shapes and sizes. It gets clogged both below the cartidge and at the end of the spout where the screen is. I need to take it apart to clean it out or else the water pressure gets very low.

: : This problem started happening about 6 months ago and is getting worse by the week. I now have to clean it out about once a week.

: : This is the only faucet where the problem occurs (I have 3 other in the bathroom). My pipes are made of copper. I do have a water softner but was told by the water softner company it could not be coming from there. The water company said there is no problem with their water. The faucet itself seems to be fine. I have no idea where this stuff could be coming from. What do you suggest?
It could be your water heater dip tube is falling apart, there have been a batch of bad dip tubes from one dip tube manufacturer. This problem can occur in any brand water heater up to 3 or 4 yrs. old

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