Re: Hot Water Heater (HELP!)
Posted by DALE'S PLUMBING SERVICE on March 22, 1999 at 17:49:54:
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: My pilot light keeps blowing out when the burner shuts off after heating the water. I have to relit the pilot every time I use the hot water. I have replaced the thermocouple and it still does not solve the problem. I can lit the pilot no problem and turn the burner on and have hot water but when the burner kicks off, POOF, there goes the pilot lit out. Can I have the gas company come look at it? I dont think it needs replacing just adjusted. Help soon because I have to get up every morning at 4AM to have a hot shower when I get up at 6PM. Im losing sleep and I dont want to buy another tank unless I really have too. Thanks!

dale's plumbing service
it sounds like you may have a faulty main control.the control costs around $125.00. do you have a good flame on the pilot and is the pilot heating the trermo coulpling? if it isn't it will shut itself down,but if you can light the pilot and it stays lit then turn it on to the burner then i would think it is the control.

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