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Posted by Keith Swinehart on April 25, 1998 at 10:00:48:
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: I'm building my new house in British Columbia, Canada, recently installed poly b pipe for hot & cold supply, using copper and brass fittings and copper clamps. This is sold everywhere here, used commonly, and I've just heard there may be a problem with it. Logged onto your site this evening and found postings about the polybutylene lawsuit. This can't be the same stuff as poly b, can it? Surely it can't still be sold in Canada with these problems in the US? Any info would be welcome, I'm out in the country so there's no chlorine, which I was told helps, but I am running about 90-100 psi. Thanks

Dear Barry,
Controversial as PB is many of us still believe PB was a fine product. I have owned three homes with PB, since 1978, and have never had a problem. My last home was plumbed in 1995 with PB and a MANABLOC manifold plumbing system, which is really nice. I like flexible systems.
PB is no longer available in the United States, a victim of the US legal system, but is still sold in Canada, though, with the introduction of PEX, another flexible piping product, its days are numbered. PB's problems were actually related to a fitting made from Acetal which had problems standing up to high free chlorine levels in some plumbing systems. Acetal fittings were removed from the marketplace in 1986, replaced by brass and copper insert fittings which have been used with PB in the market successfully since 1973.
For more information on PB and the replacement flexible product PEX go to the Vanguard Piping Systems, Canada plumbing site The Vanguard Piping Systems, USA site is
Keith Swinehart,
President, Vanguard Piping Systems, Inc. (USA)

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