Install Whirlpool bath
Posted by doityourtryer on March 21, 1999 at 20:07:01:
After buying the tub from HOME DEPOT over two years ago to replace a single fibreglass tub and shower which I ripped out I have yet to install it. Need advice on whether to buy for a plumber/electrician to do it or try doing it alone. I talked to a plumber who told me that I had bought the "wrong unit" because it didn't have the nailer attachment to make the installation waterproof when the shower was being used.
Option mentioned was to return it to HOME DEPOT and exchange it for the proper tub or to just buy another tub (then I would have wasted my $ on the first tub). I can use basic tools O.K. but am not sure if it will come out the way I would like. I would have to get an electrician to do the special outlet. Question is: if I do install the "wrong unit" without the nailer attachment can I avoid the risk of water damage whenever the shower is used? And, what is the level of difficulty involved in trying to do it without a real plumber?

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