Re: leaky releif valve on gas Hot Water heater
Posted by John Brenchley on March 21, 1999 at 08:30:58:
In response to Re: leaky releif valve on gas Hot Water heater
: : I went down to the basement and found water leaking out of the relief valve of my gas hot water heater. I flicked the handle and it still continues to leak. We have relatively hard water here and I believe some buildup is partially opening the valve. First question is what causes the relief valve to release? The second question is if I have to replace the valve, what are the basic steps?

: if you have a lime build up on the thermostat inside the heater the heater is not shuting off at the correct temp (aroung 120 deg). the heater is getting to the temp that the relief valve is set at and blowing off on safty. take the main control out and check it for a build up of lime. shut off gas to heater shut off water to heater and drain it. take the pilot tube off the thermocoulpling off and the main burner line off and use an 18" pipe wrench to unsrew the control. make sure your water heater is drained.

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