Re: PEX vs. PE for water service from meter to house
Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on March 20, 1999 at 18:11:58:
In response to Re: PEX vs. PE for water service from meter to house
Ben:--We use a devise developed and manufactured in Eugene, Oregon to do exactly what you intend to have done. It is made by Grice Industries and the simplicity of its' use is beautiful to behold.
The installation would require three or four small holes to be made along the path your present water line describes. The old line is cut free at the house in a small hole....from a second hole 75'to 100'distant from the hole at the house a section of the old galvanized line is removed (approx. 24")......a special cable and the Grice head is threaded through the pipe to the second hole....the Grice head has a special adapter at the trailing edge to attatch the new replacement line to. We use a back hoe to pull the cable (a truck can be used as well), as the cable tightens up it causes the old galvanized pipe to break loose and is easily pulled out at the second hole. The adapter head pulls the new line in simutaneously with the exiting old pipe.
A third hole is made to expose the old galvanized line, a section is cut out as before and the cable is again inserted. The new line (either Copper..Pex..or municipal water supply code plastic tubing is connected once again to the adapter behind the Grice head....again the backhoe is used to pull the head to the next hole. This is repeated until you are at the water meter site with your new water line.
We use this technique with great savings in time an energy that would be required to hand dig and then restore the planted areas to the original
condition....Lots of luck (your Cammelias too) Bud

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