arabic bathrooms
Posted by allison on March 20, 1999 at 02:18:55:
Hi Terry I finally read your website. I loved your mansion story. now I know why you wanted to know about lebanese bathrooms. In lebanon they like to do things the french style, so the bathrooms are french ( they shower more though!). A real traditional
arabic bathroom has a whole in the floor with raised foot pads on either side you squat, there would also be a short length of hose attached to a faucet for washing with, since there is no T.P. a chain hangs from above for flushing. on my first visit to the middle east we landed in Amman, Jordan I went to use the bathroom and was confronted with my first "arabic toilet" I said to myself; Allison you're not in Kansas anymore! they also had regular toilets too, but I must admit I was shocked at first. but it certainly was much better than the outhouse at Mattawa where when the wind blew the T.P. followed you out the door. Once it blew over with mom in it!!!
bye I have to go to sleep now. Allison

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